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Q: How can I use my coins? Where can I get them?

Buying various in-game items requires coins. Examples include potions, trading items, and furniture for your office.

You will earn coins mostly by successfully completing levels and quests in the game. You can also acquire larger amounts of coins through in-app purchase.

Q: How can I use my gems? Where can I get them?

Buying various in-game items requires gems. Examples include potions, hints, chests, and furniture for your office. Gems are rarer than coins. You can also acquire larger amounts of gems through in-app purchase.

Leveling up earns you five gems. You can also randomly earn gems from watchings ads and offers and completing achievements.

Q: I've run out of energy. How do I keep playing the game?

Energy recovers over time. You can also use various energy items from your inventory to regain energy. Potions are another way to increase your energy. Energy Potions and Upgraded Energy Potions increase the speed at which your energy recovers.

Potions and Energy Items can be found as rewards while playing the game, or purchased for coins or gems from the store. You can use these items from your inventory.

Energy also is fully restored when you level up.

You can also receive energy from gifts from your friends, collecting furniture bonuses, or linking other Rolltower games.

Q: How can I see the items I've found?

You can see your inventory by clicking on the inventory icon on the bottom of the game screen when on the "Map" view. You can view your items, from keys to potions and hints from within this page.

Q: How do I unlock a locked location?

Locations have a minimum level at which you can enter them. Besides that, they also may require a key to unlock them. Keys can be purchased with in-game coins or gems. Sometimes keys can be found by successfully exploring other scenes, as well.

If you purchase a Magic Key, all locations will unlock for you once you reach the appropriate level.

Q: I can't find a hidden object! What can I do?

Hints can help you locate hidden objects. Hints are located in the bottom right part of the screen. Each hint has a different effect - some help you find just one item, while others help you find several at once.

Q: How can I find more hints?

Hints can be purchased for gems or earned by completing various quests and collections.

Q: I can't find a collectible item I'm looking for in a location. What am I doing wrong?

If the item is in the "possible items" list of items when you view the location, then there is a chance you can find the item. Once you are very far into the game, some items can be difficult to find. Luck Potions and Upgraded Luck Potions can improve your chances.

Q: I have all the items I need for a collection, but I can't turn it in. What's wrong?

You probably don't have all the supply items you need in order to complete the collection. Next to the five collection items is a listing of up to 4 sets of supplies you may need to turn in the collection.

Supply items can be found by trading with characters on the map, using trading chest, requesting them from friends, and they can also be purchased with gems.

Q: How can I request supply items from friends?

From the collections page, tap on a supply item next to a collection that you don't own enough of. From the "Finish Collection" page, click on the "Request" button, then select the friends you want to request the item from.

Q: What is location mastery for? How do I increase location mastery?

Increasing location mastery increases the difficulty of a location, and also increases coins and experience you receive when successfully exploring the locations. You can also receive more items from locations with higher mastery levels.

Location mastery is increased by successfully exploring locations several times.

Q: What are trading items for?

Trading items are given to various characters you meet throughout the game. You can trade items in exchange for coins, experience, and items. Many items, such as supply items and certain collections are specifically found by trading.

Q: How can I add friends?

Depending on which version of the game you are playing, you can add friends either by their ingame detective ID or by connecting through facebook.

In order to add a friend by their detective ID, click on the "Friends icon on the map screen, then "Add Friends" in the sub menu. Click on the text box and type in the detective ID.

Q: How can I send gifts?

If you have in-game friends, you can send one gift and one gift request per day to each friend. Click on the Gifts icon on the bottom of the map screen, then select the "Send Gifts" icon in the submenu. Select a gift from the left by clicking on the gift, then click on which friends you want to send them to on the right side of the screen, then click the "Send Gift" button.

Q: Can I change my detective ID?

Sorry, you are unable to change your detective ID at this time.

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